Pastor Mike Hurst


  • Acts 6: 1-6
  • Acts 6: 8-15
  • Acts 7: 54-60

Til’ Death

A lot can be learned from the story of Stephen. Stephen was chosen by the apostles to the office of deacon due to his steadfast faith in Christ. He was so full of faith people witnessed truth and miracles from his preachings. He continued to preach the word of God even when faced with tribulation for doing so. When the high priest challenged his teachings, Stephen, speaking from his fulfillment of Christ, embarrassed them with truth. This would lead to his death by stoning, and even until his last breath he remained filled with the spirit of Christ.

We will face persecution for saying and believing what we do. It is imperative to remain steadfast as Stephen. Not only is the personal benefit one gains from being deeply rooted in Christ, but looking at the world and how it operates today, Imagine if Christ was completely removed. Jesus Christ stood for you all the way to death. We should be like Stephen and be willing to do the same.