Pastor Mike Hurst


  • Romans 10:9-13
  • Luke 18:35-43
  • Revelations 20: 11-15

Open Your Heart

The Bible says if one confesses that Jesus is Lord and believe in the heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, they will be saved. In other words, the only thing needed for salvation is to believe in Jesus and call upon him. In the book of Luke, the blind man knew in his heart who Jesus was. He asked Jesus to restore his sight and this was accomplished. In other words, the man believed in Jesus and called upon him and his sight was restored.

For the lost: Again, the only thing needed for salvation is to open your heart and allow Jesus in. This is such a simple and amazing thing to do to avoid an eternity in Hell.

For the saved: It’s a sin to take joy in the blessings in the Joy of Jesus Christ without giving thought and witness to the lost. It is our duty for to witness and show the only thing needed for eternal salvation is to allow Jesus into the heart.