Pastor Mike Hurst


  • Luke 6:46-49
  • Psalm 127:1
  • I Peter 3:10-12

A Solid Foundation

What is the first step to building a house? A solid foundation. If someone started building a home by just nailing wood to the ground it would rot and eventually fall over. But a house is able to remain standing because it is built on a solid foundation. How often has a storm come through and completely demolished a house, but yet the strong foundation sometimes remains and can often be used to rebuild the house.

As a human being, we need a solid foundation to build our life around. Life without a solid foundation is bound to rot and fall over. We can remain standing only if we have a strong foundation. Life can be planned with all of the right ingredients, a perfect job, great family, friends, etc. but no matter how planned you are life will throw curve balls. Someone will get sick, a job may be lost, a home will be damaged, or a multitude of things can happen. However, only those with a strong foundation are able to weather the storm and rebuild around life’s blowups.

The ONLY strong foundation to lean on in life is Christ. God must be our foundation. God must be our rock. If God is the foundation of our lives, nothing can tear us down completely. Even when life’s mishaps happen and bring us down, our foundation will remain standing. Just like every piece of wood, siding, screw, nail, stud and everything inside the home ultimately bears weight onto the foundation of the house, we must rely on God for the foundation of everything we do. Any job we take, decision we make, or any other aspect of life needs to be prayed and consulted with God. A strong foundation means letting God build your life and not you trying to build it.

Not if.. but when life blows up in our face, a strong foundation enables us to rebuild.