Pastor Mike Hurst


  • Matthew 1: 1-16
  • Matthew 12:46-50
  • Romans 8: 14-17


Where Do We Come From?

A lot is made of our heritage or where we come from. Everyone often uses the phrase we need to “find ourselves”. What is often overlooked is everyone who is saved is “adopted” by God and saved by Jesus Christ. We can get our looks and even personal traits from our descendants but our salvation comes from our heavenly father. Despite what traits you inherit from your ancestors, you are made by God. The actions you take and the decisions you make are often reflective on your relationship with God.

A big deal is also often made over heirs. What will we get? What will we leave behind? Material things aside, what sort of legacy will we leave behind. Absolutely nothing we can leave behind or inherit will be as valuable as the salvation Jesus provided when he died.