Pastor Mike Hurst


I Corinthians 9: 24-27

“Only One Deserves Worship”

Athletes are extremely talented. Some are nearly beyond-belief good. I am pretty sure God has declared Peyton Manning the greatest QB of all time and Jeff Gordon as the greatest race car driver of all time (I’m sure we will see how many people read these post now). It is fun to get involved in cheering for Tennessee and pulling for your favorite athlete. Where it becomes not okay is when we begin to worship our favorite athletes, actors, or celebrities.

Jesus is the only man who has walked this earth that is worthy of being worshiped. Jesus is the only one who has used his talent for you specifically. Athletes are playing for their teams, their fans, their salaries. Some may be playing for you as one of their fans one day and playing against you the next if they are traded or signed to another team. Jesus is always on your side. Some athletes are commendable in the amount of charity they get involved in by giving great amount of time and salary, but even they are nothing without the blessings they have been bestowed by a higher power. And if you are saved and they are not and this doesn’t change, there will be a day when they are envious of you.

No great athlete has ever got to their amount of success without countless hours poured into practicing their sport. The hard work has led to success and deserves to be cheered (or booed- always boo Alabama, especially with the addition of Lane Kiffin), but not worshiped. If your favorite sport of athlete is pulling your time away from Jesus, you need to reassess where you stand. Just like an athlete pours plenty of time to be a better athlete, pouring time into Christ will make you a better person.