Pastor Mike Hurst


  • Romans 5: 1-8
  • Romans 8: 35-37


God is the very definition of love. He demonstrated this when Christ died for us. Christ giving his life is the ultimate exemplification of Love. Sure, many of us would give our lives for our children, spouses, or loved ones. But would you trade places with a death row inmate you do not know scheduled to die tomorrow? Would you leave your life and family and free this man without recognition and the chance this criminal would not be reformed. This is what Christ has done for you and I. We may love but the love Christ exemplifies is beyond our level of understanding.

The love God has for us has almost become commonplace and we forget how special his Love is. However this is a special kind of Love and for Christians this Love lies within our hearts. Our duty as Christians is to be Christlike and spread this love into the world.