Pastor Mike Hurst
  • Matthew 5: 14-16
  • I Peter 3:15-16
This Little Light of Mine
The way you live your life and the way people see it is part of your testimony. The other part is showing why your life is lived the way it is. You may love God and do your best to live a Christian life, but it is also important to show others your light. You cannot be ashamed of God or afraid to share with others or your testimony is being hid. Others may be missing out on the blessings you have just because you are not letting your light shine.
The first part of your testimony is being a light for God in the way you live your life. Being a light to God is not brow beating and Bible thumping someone. Being a light is always showing the happiness that God gives you even in the face of adversity. Being a light also means always showing the Love that God has for you toward others.
The other part of your testimony is showing “the why” behind the way you live your life. Others will begin to wonder why you are so happy and loving. When this opportunity arises, you can further shine your light by explaining how God is the reason for you happiness and loving nature. Even if they do not ask you, seeing you praying, praising, and giving thanks to God will have them begin to desire the happiness you have.